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We are a Prince George’s County, Maryland based farm with a goal to increase food security through diversification of crops, especially by growing safe, healthy foods to serve multicultural communities.

We also want to change lives, one child at a time.

Welcome to Honey Hemp Farms

Honey Hemp Farms is a family-owned and operated business with a long history. From the old farmlands of southern Maryland, we offer a variety of crops from delicate flowers, to healthy ripe vegetables, and to meticulously grown cannabis/hemp. Our new line of cannabis/hemp products have a delicate balance of CBD, and CBG with a touch of THC.

Our cannabis/hemp is constantly monitored throughout its grow and carefully harvested at the precise time in order to obtain the highest amounts of CBD and CBG while maintaining THC levels at the legal regulatory limits which our state requires. Although we are sure not to exceed these limits, small amounts are still present in order to provide that very important entourage effect which is necessary for best results in most, if not all, cannabis/hemp products.

Here at Honey Hemp Farms, we understand the importance of practicing a well-balanced lifestyle between body and mind. Understanding this, we’ve decided to bring you a product not often found in today’s world of cannabis/hemp products — a more beneficial solution for providing that sought-after relief from everyday aches, pains, and stress that life can bring. With our formulas, you may find that some conditions you never knew you had could be addressed, giving relief way beyond expectations.

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